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The Return of the Buffalo

The birth of a white buffalo is seen as a sacred sign by many Native Americans – a sign of a new age of hope, a return of harmony and balance. The first sign of this change will be a return of the buffalo population. I’ve changed the title of my new collection to The Return of the Buffalo as I hope the poems in this collection offer a quiet healing and a sense of hope. It’s the title of one of the poems in the new book, which was written after a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco. Alcatraz was the site of a Native American occupation in the 1960’s. I was deeply moved on finding out the story of this occupation, as the activists’ sense of a newfound identity and confidence chimed with my own experiences of growing up through the Troubles, coming out the other end, and having to find a new way of being. I think a lot of my writing is about that journey to being a better person tomorrow than we ever dreamt we could be today.


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