The Return of the Buffalo Goes to Print

My new poetry collection The Return of the Buffalo has gone to the printers and I’m filled with a mix of excitement and fear, as it will soon be going out into the world. I’m delighted with the cover image – it evokes how I often feel, staggering out of the snow and trying to find my way.

It’s hard for a writer to describe their own work, so I’ll leave it to the publisher. Here’s what it says on the back cover:

Whether dealing with grief at the loss of a father, a devastating personal tragedy or the vicissitudes of married love, Deirdre Cartmill’s The Return of the Buffalo attempts to make sense of an often harsh and seemingly meaningless world.

Central to the collection is a poem regarding a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco – the site of a Native American occupation in the 1960s. Struck by parallels to her own experiences, Cartmill finds hope and consolation in this meditation on the Native American myth that the birth of a white buffalo calf and the revival of the buffalo population will herald a new age.

Other poems in the collection echo and deepen this desire to begin again.

While refusing to shy away from painful realities, The Return of the Buffalo is ultimately about the possibility of redemption.



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4 responses to “The Return of the Buffalo Goes to Print

  1. Heaps of congratulations! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of your poetry, and wish you continued success.

    Today I’m taking the first official step for my own poetic pursuits, submitting some pieces to literary journals and hoping something sticks. Reading about your achievement has been inspirational for me this morning. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! Delighted to hear you’re sending some poems out. Keep writing, keep sending and most importantly keep the faith.

  3. Very much looking forward to the new collection!

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