Inspiration & Books That Inspire

Inspiration is that little glimmer of starfire that gets you writing. Finding ways to keep that spark alive keeps you going through the long haul of transforming that hint of promise into a thing of beauty and light.

When I was starting out on my writing career, I found the following books useful for finding inspiration in my everyday life. Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg is full of exercises and practical advice that helps you connect with your life and your deeper emotions. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron can help you give yourself permission to try your hand if you fear you might not be creative at all. If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland was first published in 1938 and is a tad old fashioned but it’s full of good old gusty advice that has stayed with me – particularly the message to practice, practice, practice! Unfortunately there are no short cuts.

I often go back to these books when I lose my way and want to rekindle that sense of possibility. Next time I’ll talk about some useful books for those starting to write poetry.



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3 responses to “Inspiration & Books That Inspire

  1. Patrick J Dorrian

    I was speaking to Orla tonight and she told me about your work, she said you were on Facebook, I looked but couldn’t find a connection. The reason she told me about you is because she caught me in the act of some “poetic grafitti” in The Spaniard bar in the city centre. She was really enthusiastic about your poetry so much so I really want to read some. Pat dorrian

    • Hi Pat, lovely to hear from you. If you check out my poetry page it will give you links to a few of my poems. If you like those, my first book Midnight Solo is available from Amazon. My new book The Return of the Buffalo will be coming soon.

      I’d love to hear more about the poetic graffiti,

  2. Patrick J Dorrian

    The Modern New Testament

    In this modern era what have the children
    of Abraham been up to? New acts
    of his apostles, new Messiahs come
    to save, new ways of being Martyred.
    Should the first book be called “Pogram”,
    a tidy word hiding a lot of pain
    in the sorting of the wheat from the chaff?
    Perhaps the second should be called
    “Forced Exile”, native peoples driven
    from ancient homelands; even today,
    in the Amazon Forests, in Palestine.
    Drones, like Archangels, provide
    Pillars of Fire by night and
    Pillars of Smoke by day. Driving
    the distraught and desperate from their homes.
    And what of Yahweh? He’s suited
    and tied, clean shaven, speaking in tongues
    in broadcasts to the narrow mindset,
    prepared to lie to save his world.

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