My Roaming Writer Travels

I’ve had a fabulous time as the Irish Writers Centre Roaming Writer-in-Residence on the railways. I travelled across Ireland, north and south on trains and wrote about my journeys. Click here to read a lovely feature in the Irish News about my adventures.

Galway Station- Deirdre Cartmill

I’ve completed a sequence of haiku Crossing Points which I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon. Watch this space.

I’ve met everyone from actors and writers to commuters and tourists. Many of these have written haiku with me, and these are posted on the Instagram page @roamingwriterstories.

Railway Line - Deirdre Cartmill.jpg

I was also delighted to get some railway staff writing with me. As I used to work for both British Rail and Irish Rail as a Signal & Telecoms engineer, giving voice to these unsung heroes who keep the railways running has been important to me.

You can also check out the stories from Creative Writing students from Queens, UU Coleraine, NUIG and UCD on the Instagram page @roamingwriterstories.

NUIG Workshop  - Deirdre Cartmill.jpg

Thanks to the Irish Writers Centre, Translink, Irish Rail and the Arts Council of NI who supported this residency.


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