The poem on this page changes every couple of months.

The Seagull

All week I’ve been waking from a dream

where I have barely escaped

from a jackknifing lorry,

the free fall over a cliff edge


and I keep telling myself it’s nothing to do with

the seagull we tried to save

by lifting its sagging head from the sea,

drying its wings, teasing strings

of seaweed from its feathers and feet

and wrapping it in your windcheater,


or with why I needed to believe

that when it raised its head and followed my voice

that this time I might reach over

and coax its feathers to plump and splay,

that it might shake its wings open

so the only cold I’d feel was sea spray.

The Seagull is from The Return of the Buffalo which will be published in 2012.


2 responses to “Poem

  1. Pat taylor

    Love the seagull poem, would like to see others.
    I met you years ago when Medbh brought me to her class a few times.. You will not remember me I’m sure .My name is Pat Taylor and I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday in the library.
    Best Regards,

    • Hi Pat, I know you won’t believe this but I was thinking of you on the way back from Paris last week when I was reflecting back on the MA class. It will be lovely to see you again on Thursday. I’m glad you like the poem. It’s one of my favourites.
      Speak soon,

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