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One To One Mentoring

I have a couple of places opening up for my One To One Mentoring Programme, tailored specifically for you. I’ll pass on all the craft, tips and techniques I’ve learned as an award winning writer and BBC script editor, and I’ll help you to take your writing to a deeper level.

Whether you’re writing a screenplay, poetry, novel, short stories, non-fiction or a play, I’ll get you writing and keep you writing. The mentoring can be done via Skype or in person.

I was touched by a recent client’s comment: “She had the rare talent of making you feel everything was possible and that you deserved that everything too.”

If you want to open up to your own limitless possibilities, email me on info@deirdrecartmill.com to find out more.


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Whatever Works For Your Writing – Do It!

Sometimes you do your best writing in bed. Give yourself permission to do this.

red lips on wall reuse

When I was writing for Fair City I used to lie in bed in the mornings running a scene over and over in my head until it was perfect, and then get up and write it down. My partner at the time used to ask when I was getting up, and laughed when I said I was thinking. I wondered if I was kidding myself until I got speaking to another writer on the series who said she did the exact same thing.

I remembered all this this morning when I was having a lie in. During this lie in I wrote a blog, a course outline, some tweets, this post and the answer to a question that’s been bothering me for a long time. Now that’s what I call a lie in.

Whatever works for you – do it!

PS During my lie in I also got this in a dream – God does not always come in lightning strikes but in a series of small kisses. You can replace God with the Muse, Inspiration, writing angel, whatever – just grab those kisses when they come.




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Two Little Boys in Belfast Film Festival

2My short film Two Little Boys makes its festival debut as part of the Belfast Film Festival on Sunday 21st April from 10am in the QFT. I can’t wait to see it up on the big screen. Tickets cost £6 and this gives you entrance to a full morning’s viewing of 13 short films.

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Two Little Boys Launch Screening

My short film Two Little Boys is being screened at an industry launch at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast on Thursday 18th October at 6pm. I’m excited about seeing it on the big screen for the first time.

Actor Shaun Blaney, pictured here, has done a wonderful job of capturing the suppressed pain and trauma of the lead character Sean.

Thanks to director Ryan Tohill and all the cast and crew for all the hard work they’ve put into the film.

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Short Film Shooting This Weekend

My short film Two Little Boys is shooting this weekend. As a poet I’m used to being in control of what I write, down to the last comma. As a scriptwriter, I hand my work over to a director and they get to add their creative vision to mine. I’m practicing letting go, trusting that in the best cases these two visions come together to create something greater than the individual parts.

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Two Little Boys – Short Film

I’m delighted that my short film Two Little Boys is going to be made as part of Northern Ireland Screen’s Short Steps Scheme. Two Little Boys is the story of a young soldier who seeks comfort in his old family home but the horrors of war haunt him wherever he goes.

The director Ryan Tohill is designing shots as we speak. After months working on the script, it’s strange having to let go and hand it over to someone  else to shoot, but I know it’s safe in Ryan’s hands as he’s grasped what I wanted to stay right from the start.

Thanks to Ryan and the Short Step’s team Christine Morrow, Natasha Geary and Jim Meredith for helping to develop the script.

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